4 Debunked Myths About EDI

For over forty years, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has continued to grow in popularity among companies aiming to achieve greater profitability and streamline their operations. The financial, technology, healthcare, and retail industries rely on EDI daily for their core business tasks and transactions.

Source: https://www.designingdigitally.com/sites/default/files/Gamification%20Myths%20and%20Misunderstandings.jpg

The list of benefits provided by EDI is extensive and demonstrates that implementing EDI would be incredibly advantageous for your company. EDI offers transparency in all transactions, a higher degree of control, and the opportunity to make prompt decisions.

Despite all these benefits, there are still many organizations that prefer to stick with the familiar path they chose years ago rather than transitioning to something new and more up-to-date. This often happens due to rumors circulating about EDI, rumors that are mostly based on misunderstandings and incomplete information. We are here to debunk these myths, as you can follow below:

Myth #1: Your data is not secure with EDI

Indeed, your company is built around crucial and highly sensitive data. And when this data falls into the wrong hands, chaos ensues. It’s a growing concern, justified by the frequency of security breaches happening today.

However, you don’t need to worry – EDI is a secure technology that effectively addresses these risks.

If you choose to implement EDI, it’s good to know that most EDI providers will offer you these tools to protect data security:

  • First and foremost, the classic user data and passwords;
  • The data entering your company will undergo verification to confirm the sender’s identity and their affiliation with your VAN network. Additionally, their digital certificate is also authenticated;
  • While in transit, these EDI data are encrypted, only readable by partners with compatible, complex algorithms;
  • Moreover, you will also work with digital certificates and electronic signatures that further enhance the security of this data.”
Myth #2: EDI would cost way too much

Many companies fear that implementing EDI could be too costly, seen as a luxury reserved for the privileged few. In reality, the issue lies in the fact that many EDI service providers don’t offer pricing plans that cater to each type of client. We provide pricing plans that not only address your company’s business needs but also your financial needs, all while delivering high-quality services.

Myth #3: EDI is not compatible with other systems

This is one of the most unfounded myths about EDI. In fact, that’s the purpose of EDI – it’s a technology designed to be integrated with various types of software. EDI is intended to enhance your productivity, not hinder it with an exclusive operating mode.

Myth #4: EDI is way too complex

Indeed, this myth is partially true – EDI has a certain level of complexity, yes, but not in the way you might initially think.

People tend to focus on the negative aspects of complexity, but the beauty of a complex technology lies precisely in the fact that it is extremely capable and can handle a multitude of equally complex processes with ease.

However, users should not feel the degree of complexity, at least not as a negative aspect. Your EDI provider holds the power in this regard. You know you’ve chosen the right EDI provider when they make the implementation process easy and user-friendly.

This is also our mission. We can handle all the complexities of the process in exchange for relevant information that helps us propel your company to new levels of productivity. All you need to do is give us a call, and together, we’ll find the solution that suits you best.