A brief introduction to the data mapping process

Today’s companies rely heavily on the productivity and profitability brought by EDI systems. However, they cannot operate correctly without prior data mapping – a concept that may sound intimidating if you are not familiar with the EDI concept.

Source: https://www.vigilantsoftware.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/dfmt-680×350.jpg

What does it entail?

In short, data mapping is essentially the process by which information is located and transferred using software into a correct format.

But before data mapping, there was EDI, which allows companies to securely exchange business documents in a format that is compatible and intelligible for both parties. Okay, but an email can do that too. So, what’s the difference?

EDI enables you to be connected to the supply chain and have real-time visibility into transactions, allowing you to make rapid and data-driven decisions, rather than relying on assumptions.

When a company places an order, the corresponding purchase order is automatically entered into the system, along with all the information placed in the right spots.

Of course, with an email, the supplier would be notified about the order, but someone would still need to manually input the data into the system.

How does it work?

Data mapping is not a process for just anyone. The person handling data mapping projects must understand the format in which information is contained and where it is located within the document.

Any misinterpretation or misunderstanding of the data can have catastrophic results, such as suppliers not receiving the correct orders. When working with data, confusion and inaccuracy are the last things you need.

EDI mapping software must be learned thoroughly to exploit its advantages to the maximum. Whenever you implement an EDI system, you should focus all your attention and skills in this direction. Otherwise, if you don’t have the necessary in-house resources, you can always turn to EDI experts who can give you the head start you need for a smooth and productive journey.