EDI promotes traceability

There are industries whose activities are primarily related to the safety of the products they promote. Among them are the pharmaceutical and food industries: the manufacturers in these sectors must take many measures to ensure that the products received by consumers are safe and will not cause health problems.

These companies can track all their perishable products with the help of an EDI software. The food and pharmaceutical industries can remain traceable and secure with the EDI solutions currently offered by existing EDI providers in the market.

Source: https://new.ediconnect.ro/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/mod7_2.jpg

In their activity, pharmaceutical industry producers generally pursue four objectives. Below, we will elaborate on the aspects that these producers most often focus on when conducting business:

  • They aim to reduce waste and be efficient. In both industries, storage is essential, especially when improperly stored products can cause serious health issues or, in the case of pharmaceutical products, lose their effectiveness.
  • They desire to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. However, customers need assurance and must feel that the products they are purchasing will not harm them.
  • They aspire to provide a high level of availability to their customers. Physical retail locations must always have a high level of merchandise available to customers immediately to maintain high satisfaction and stay ahead of competitors in the market. Customers want products that have been safely transported and are available at the lowest prices on the market.
  • Last but not least, for producers, everything is lost without traceability. The supply chain must be transparent and operate efficiently in all aspects. You should be able to know at any given time the journey of a particular product, from the moment it was conceived until it was purchased by a customer. Traceability is all the more important today, considering that the supply chain has acquired a global characteristic.

Traceability has existed for centuries, and until recently, in the pre-PC era, it was done in a traditional manner, with maps and pens. Ever since people started engaging in commerce, they recorded the relevant transaction information and stored it securely for future access.

However, paper never inspired much confidence. It is highly perishable and requires significant efforts to store and handle. As soon as computers emerged, it became easier to find the information you need and securely store documents. However, there was still room for improvement. Initially, EDI systems were slow and cumbersome. But technology has advanced, and traceability is now an easier goal to achieve than ever.

Cloud technology has played a significant role in this technological advancement and has given a boost to EDI systems. This means that all supply chain data is safer and more accessible than ever. Continuing this idea, there are also hybrid or non-cloud EDI systems that offer the same capabilities, as well as tremendous transparency within the supply chain.

The pharmaceutical and food industries are better equipped than ever to trace all important data while remaining competitive and efficient. If you want to learn more, contact us.