EDIconnect, the only EDI platform in Romania with Drummond certification in 2017

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We are a customer-oriented company aiming for exponential growth, which we can only achieve with the help of our customers. Our priority is to invest in innovative solutions to ensure that our customers work exclusively with the latest technologies on the market. Our team and our customers are the most valuable assets of the company.

Our policy is to visit as many customers as possible, whether they are in Cluj, Baia Mare, Oradea, or Constanta, to identify their needs and, based on those needs, to subsequently offer them the best solutions and services.

EDIconnect is the only EDI platform in Romania that is based on solutions certified in 2017 – Drummond Certified AS2 1Q2017.

If you are passionate about technology, you will be pleased to learn that we have Drummond Certified for:

MA, FN, FN-MA, Chunked Transfer Encoding (CTE), Reliability, Restart, SHA-2.


What does Drummond Certified mean for Customers? A multitude of benefits!

With Drummond Certified™, you will be able to:

Save money: Implementation costs are significantly reduced since you have the opportunity to implement software solutions that have already been tested and certified for interoperability.

Buy smart: Drummond Certified™ helps users simplify their procurement process, resulting in cost savings and increased productivity. You can relax knowing that all certified options have been previously tested for industry compliance and technical standards interoperability.

Communicate more easily with your partners: Drummond Certified™ products are compliant and interoperable, which means they can interface with both your systems and those of your partners, increasing efficiency within your supply chain.